Va Beach Engagement Session | Shena & Roderick | Va Beach Wedding Photographer

It was this past Christmas Day when we all woke up to enjoy family time together and open gifts. Afterward, I began cooking our Spanish-inspired Christmas meal since we had decided to go the non-traditional route this year and were planning to have family over.

For the rest of the day, all was normal, except for Rod walking around all day like he had lost something. I didn’t say anything, I figured he would ask if he needed help.

We sat down for Christmas dinner together and even the kids piled around the table this time (except for Josiah- He couldn’t put his new toys down!). After an enjoyable dinner, I prepared dessert (my first shot at a double layer pumpkin cheesecake- It turned out absolutely wonderful!) and Rod went and grabbed a few gifts for his mother (I thought) from under the tree.

While his mom was opening her gift, Rod put two gifts in front of me as well. One big box, one small one. I was a bit confused since we had opened gifts that morning.

I opened the small box first- I was shocked to see my Movado watch had gotten a new battery! This was an inside joke between Rod and I because my favorite watch had a dead battery for almost a year. Even worse, he had snuck it to the repair shop and I never even realized it was missing!

I then opened the big box, which was a pair of chestnut brown Uggs I had begged for! Rod immediately said “Try them on!” I was so excited… of course I did.

When I reached down into the right boot, I saw something shiny and pulled out a very small box with a big sparkly bow! Still unsure of what was going on, I began to open it. And when I did, I saw the most beautiful, perfect diamond ring I have ever seen in my life! But Rod still didn’t say anything.

We all looked around the dining room table at each other, each more confused than the last, trying to figure out exactly what this meant. The kids shouted out “They’re getting married!!!” and “Is that a wedding ring?!?!?”

Rod finally popped the question…

And of course, I said yes!

To this day, NO ONE but Rod had any idea that he was planning to propose that day. Everything worked out perfectly…and it was truly a day that will be etched in our minds forever.



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