Va Beach Engagement Session | Gloria & Devon | Va Beach Wedding Photographer

It all started back in 2001 when a security officer asked a co-worker, “Who is that girl? She always smiles and waves, but never stops to speak.” The coworker replies, “Oh, that’s Gloria. She works upstairs. She never stops to speak because she’s always on a mission…she works a part-time job.” The security officer replies, “I’m gonna get her to stop!”

That security officer was Devin, and of course the girl waving goodbye to the officers was Gloria!

After about a week or so, the security officer spoke to her…and she spoke back. Day by day their conversations grew from a simple “Hello or Goodbye” to “Hey, what’s going on” to “What are you doing for lunch”? to “What are you doing after work”? Once they began to spend time outside of work, they developed a good friendship. They began to hang out more; out to dinner, dancing at cabarets, or just kickin it with mutual friends.

Over time, their friendship grew much stronger. But something just wasn’t right.

During the next 5 years, they both dated other people. Every so often, they occassionally ran into each other at motorcycle events. The conversations were short, but the smiles and the love was always still there.

When she decided to call it quits with her current relationship, she realized that she missed her friend, the security officer, and said to herself, “I should give him a call”. Oddly enough, when they spoke, they discovered that they both ended relationships around the same time during early 2011. No, it wasn’t planned!!! But they were both amazed…what were the odds that they would be apart this long, be in relationships, and they both end at the same time? Fate perhaps? or Divine Intervention? Only God knows…

They decided to rebuild their friendship, having their first “rekindle” in July 2011. They had lunch at Sequoia’s in Georgetown and quickly realized that nothing needed to be rebuilt. Nothing felt lost nor did it feel different. It was as if time stood still for five years!!! But they didn’t want to put a label on it. They decided to just let the relationship take its own course. Well in 1 1/2 years, their bond was strong again just like before. And once ready, he propsed to her on Christmas Eve, 2012 in the presence of his best friend, Tony and her best friend, Dana.

This time, they said with certainty, that they DO NOT plan to part again!

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